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What We Do

Given the rapid changes in the United States healthcare marketplace, today's physicians are operating in the most challenging medical environment in generations. Learn about how the Physician Advisors team is advocating on behalf of physicians nationwide and helping them take control of their financial future. 

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Upcoming Events

4.22.2014 - Infectious Disease Program (Rochester, MN)

5.16.2014 - Dermatology (Little Rock, AR)

5.23.2014 - Urology (Kansas City, KS)

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HandsContract Negotiation >

Understanding the conditions of employment is critical for maintaining flexibility to pursue a rewarding career. Learn about our contract review services and nationwide network of physician-specific attorneys.

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ShieldPhysician Insurance >

Today's physicians face significant challenges in reaching their financial goals and leaving a legacy for the next generation. Find out about the physician-specific insurance plans we use help protect our clients' financial futures.

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PiechartWealth Planning >

Many physicians don't adequately plan for retirement or reach their financial goals. Learn about how the Physician Advisors Wealth Team is preparing clients through its wealth accumulation process.

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