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Employment Contract Review

Protect Yourself Before You Sign

Given rapidly changing payment models and low satisfaction rates among physicians, fully understanding the terms of employment and partnership agreements are critical to avoiding financial pitfalls and ensuring flexibility to pursue a rewarding career.

Physician Advisors’ Contract Review Services

Your contract is a legal document, but it also is the foundation of your finances. That is why the Contract Review Team includes not just a Physician Contract Attorney, but also a Physician Compensation and Benefits Advisor.

Our contract review services are designed with the physician in mind, offering flexible meeting schedules, thorough review and education of contractual pitfalls, MGMA and proprietary database of compensation and benefits benchmarking as well as the expertise of our contract review team.

Regardless of service level chosen, each physician receives a complete legal review of their contract by  physician-specific attorneys and a thorough review of the terms of their compensation and benefits offering by the employer.


Physician Advisors contract review and negotiation services leverage a panel of independent physician-specific attorneys specializing in employment and partnership contracts with public institutions and private practices nationwide. Each physician has full access to the attorney, who provides suggestions and revisions along with educating you on the terms and conditions of your employment. We partner with physician-focused attorneys that not only understand physician employment contracts, but also have strong knowledge of state-specific laws.


Along with the legal review, the physician will be paired with one of our compensation advisors armed with a robust database of compensation and benefits data for all specialties in all 50 states. Our advisory team is comprised of both financial professionals and physicians with expertise in the contract review and negotiation process.