Where Will Physician Advisors Be?

calendar_250Want us to come to your campus? Email us right now and pick your topic!

Here’s just a small snippet of where we’ve been. We would love to come see you, too!

University of Maryland – Ophthalmology (Baltimore, MD)
Howard University – Ob/Gyn (Washington, DC)
Howard University – Ophthalmology (Washington, DC)
Georgetown University – Anesthesiology (Washington, DC)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – Radiology (Jackson, MS)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – Neurology (Jackson, MS)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – Ophthalmology (Jackson, MS)
University of Mississippi Medical Center – OB/Gyn (Jackson, MS)
University of Chicago – Gastroenterology Peds (Chicago, IL)
Kaiser Permanente – Family Medicine (San Diego, CA)
Roger Williams Med Center – Internal Medicine (Providence, RI)
Brown University – Cardiology (Providence, RI)
St Elizabeth’s – Psychiatry (Boston, MA)
Allegheny General – Cardiology (Pittsburgh, PA)
Allegheny General – Emergency Medicine (Pittsburgh, PA)
University of Indiana – Radiology/Oncology Peds (Indianapolis, IN)
University of Connecticut – Internal Medicine (Farmington, CT)
Allegheny General – Neurosurgery (Pittsburgh, PA)
University of Missouri – Anesthesiology (Columbia, MO)
St Luke’s Medical Center – Radiology/Oncology (Denver, CO)
Duke University – Dermatology (Durham, NC)
Children’s Mercy Hospital – Pediatrics (Kansas City, MO)
Allegheny General – Neurology (Pittsburgh, PA)
University of Utah – Ophthalmology (Salt Lake City, UT)

Ask Me Anything Happy Hour for Omaha

Physician Advisors is excited to launch a new series of Ask Me Anything Happy Hours at Barrett’s Barleycorn on 43rd/Leavenworth in Omaha. UNMC and Creighton medical students, residents, and fellows are more than welcome to come out and get details on How To Survive Your First Five Years Out of Medical School. Physician Advisors will be bringing in former UNMC and Creighton residents and fellows that have moved into a practice and will share some great stories of how they survived their first years out of medical school. From moving a family (again!), going through a full scale job search, and dealing with contracts and crippling student loan debt, nothing is off the table.

The first Ask Me Anything Happy Hour will be October 23. Reserve your spot right now!

PA_Event Oct 23