Gain Sight Give Sight: The Campaign That’s Changing the World

It’s the season of gratitude, and we are honored to work with our physician partners who are out healing people every day. Our way of giving back is through our Gain Sight Give Sight campaign.

Much like how TOMS One for One campaign or Walgreen’s Get a Shot Give a Shot campaign, this initiative is our commitment to our client partners who have chosen to dedicate their life to serve others. Just by being a client, you are restoring sight for one person every year that you are a client.

One set of eyes at a time, we are working our way towards curing blindness in 1,000,000 eyes.

It’s an ambitious goal, but consider this: there are 150,000,000 people out there who don’t have the ability to see, but could if provided with the same healthcare resources we take for granted. 80% of the world’s blindness is curable. Nearly one third of all blindness across the globe is caused by cataracts, and most cases are surgically treatable.

That’s where we know we can step in and help and work relentlessly to make a dent in those statistics. Our Gain Sight Give Sight campaign funds the cataracts surgeries. We have partnered with a group of heroic ophthalmologists who are volunteering their time to travel to third world countries and perform these life-changing procedures to people in need.

There has never been a better time to join us. And for those who are going to partner with us, to make an impact worldwide. Our first trip to Africa was to Tanzania. Our next trip is in just a few months to Ethiopia. By tapping into the purchasing power of conscious client partners, we strive to make a global impact and inspire others to choose to partner with organizations who are making a difference.

Investing in Agreement With Your Beliefs

The case for aligning your portfolio with your outlook & worldview.

 Provided by Justin Nabity

 Do your investment choices reflect your outlook? Are they in agreement with your values? These questions may seem rather deep when it comes to deciding what to buy or sell, but some great investors have built fortunes by investing according to the ethical, moral and spiritual tenets that guide their lives.

Sir John Templeton stands out as an example. Born and raised in a small Tennessee town, he became one of the world’s richest men and most respected philanthropists. Templeton maintained a lifelong curiosity about science, religion, economics and world cultures – and it led him to notice opportunities in emerging industries and emerging markets (like Japan) that other investors missed. Believing that “every successful entrepreneur is a servant,” he invested in companies that did no harm and which reflected his conviction that “success is a process of continually seeking answers to new questions.”1 Continue reading…